Service-Based Companies boast of tremendous Turnover, Staff Strength and the performance indices in recent years have shown a continuous growth in the Market. This is directly related to the shift in the economy which positioned industries hinged on provision of services on a high pedestal. A major player in the Service Based Industry is Cleaning Companies. It is interesting to note that a Cleaning Company is presently ranked the fourth largest employer of Labour in the world. This shows a huge leap in the Industry and with a knack for high potentials for growth in the near future.
A Comparative analysis of the 10 Large Cleaning Companies in the World is primarily put together to showcase the strengths, nature of Business, economic contributions and the ripple effects their services are creating in our world. Extensive attention to various key parameters such as Staff Strength, Turnover, Eco-Friendliness, Organizational structure, etc, are used in arriving at the conclusions reached in this article. Let us have a look at these companies and what they do.
It is pertinent to note that most of these top cleaning companies in the world offer wide range of cleaning services ranging from Green environmentally friendly cleaning, Pest Control, Office Cleaning and so much more. They are well stocked in facilities, manpower and technical know-how and are well versed in handling various kinds of cleaning services all over the world.
  10 Cleaning Companies in the World:

1. ISS Group: This reputable Cleaning Company has it roots in Copenhagen, Denmark and was founded in 1901. Although, the Company is presently operational in various Countries of the world, it is consistently making its mark in all the parameters of growth and performance. In over 50 Countries in which they operate, they have 525,000 staff strength including 43,500 staff in its UK operations.
They are currently ranked the fourth largest employers in the world. ISS has staked its claim as one of the largest cleaning Companies in the world. Furthermore, ISS operates in a global market worth about 600 Billion Euros. The profits of ISS rose from 5.4 Billion Euros to 9.8 Billion Euros and the UK Market presently accounts for 10 percent of the Group's revenue. The Cleaning services offered by this company range from Public Sector to the Private Sector and cuts across different hues of the society. They are major players in the Facility Services Market.

2. Johnson Controls Inc.: This Company is also a strong player in terms of the Cleaning Services World Market. The Company is currently listed in the Fortune 500 Companies and has 162,000 employees across  7 Continents in the over 1,300 locations in which they operate. The recent showings in terms of revenue in the past five years in placed at roughly 30 Billion US Dollars.
In order to retain their strong share of the market, they also have joint ventures and strategic partnerships with other leading firms in the world. One of the key partnerships is with BLJC in Canada, besides this, they have other strategic partnerships established in various continents of the world.

3. Rentokil: This Company was founded in 1903 by Harold Maxwell-Lefroy. Their services range from Pest Control to Specialist Hygiene and Property Care. In the past decade, Rentokil was voted as one of Britain's most admired company and were able to sustain a growth rate of about 20 percent per annum. They have enjoyed a strong foothold in the world market with their strategic acquisitions and are currently doing well in the US market.

4. Sodexo: Sodexo is a French Multi-National Company founded by Pierre Bellon in 1966. The Company originally started operations in Marseilles, France. The Staff strength stands at 380,000 employees which span across 130 Nationalities. This total facilities Management organization had revenue in 16.04 Billion Euros in the past year and a profit of 853 Million Euros. Their services are broad based and they range from Government Agencies to Private Corporations and Schools.
It remains a strong cleaning Powerhouse in France and one the leading Cleaning Service Company in the world.

5. Compass Group: The Compass Group was founded by Jack Bateman in 1941 and has grown to become a major player in the Service Industry. Its revenue in the previous year stands at 15.833 Billion Euros and it produced a Net income of 728 Million Euros. It's staff strength currently stands above 300,00 members. It is also worth mentioning that beyond the Group's involvement in Facilities management, they have grown to diverse sectors of the economy such as Leisure and hospitality and are making a huge impact in this key area.

6. Mitie Cleaning Services: This Company has over 25 years experience in the Cleaning Services Industry and has been able to manage various big names in the Public and private sector. Their services range from commercial cleaning, Window Cleaning and office cleaning. They are one of the largest cleaning services company in the UK. The biggest challenge for some of these brands is that they keep a low profile and control a sizeable number of the business in which they operate. A lot of work is been done globally and by the European Cleaning Journal to highlight some of the major players in the Cleaning Industry.

7. Ray Facility Management Company: This German based company situated in Holdorf has extensive partnerships with various top cleaning services companies in Europe. The Company has been able to align in terms of the current EU legislations stipulating how Companies structured in Europe are to operate. The Company which has a sizeable share of Market revenue of over 60 Billion Euros has seen an increase of over 13.9 percent over the years. Nils Bogdol, who serves as the General Manager of the Company also, has extensive experience in the Commercial Cleaning Industry Market.

8. Reiwag Facility Services: This Vienna, Austria based business is one of the big brands in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. Their Market share is key to the 50,000 jobs which has been produced in the Austrian Cleaning Industry. Despite the current strains of the financial crisis in many regions of the world, the Company has seen its position strengthened by re-aligning its services to meet current demands. They are at the forefront of the current office daytime cleaning services which was originally brought to bear from Scandinavian countries.

9. Dorfner Group: This German Cleaning Services Company is a major stakeholder in the German and World Market. It has a strong foothold in the Facility Management Services business and has a recent times seen a strong growth of its business in Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Although, Germany remains the world's largest Commercial cleaning business market, the quest for getting related services from a single company has made the Dorfner Group to remain a household name.

10.TKO Services: One of the outstanding niches of this company is their Customer Service and Professionalism. Currently ranked as one of the top cleaning Companies in the US Market, it has grown in terms of market size, staff strength and profitability. Furthermore, with decades of experience in the Cleaning Industry, it is strongly positioned to angle for a place amongst the best ranked cleaning companies in the world which are currently based in Europe.

Generally, the Cleaning Based Industry remains strong and vibrant and has bright prospects ahead.

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