Public toilets are in demand not only in the UK but in major towns all over the whole world. With accessible clean toilets all over the country peoples activities will not be interfered with. It is so challenging when a sick person with a bladder problem, a pregnant woman, children or even a policeman at work get interference in the middle of daily activities due to lack of this vital amenity. Join me in supporting this motion that public toilets should be increased in number in the UK, like countries in France. Not only am I advocating for more public toilets but also clean, safe toilets with a good hand washing facility. It is unfortunate that these lack in major public toilets. We will therefore be focusing on the question that are there enough public outdoor toilets in the UK or should there be more, like countries in France?
With a heightened increase in the number of sick people in the UK, many are desperate for this vital yet inaccessible commodity. Lack of toilets means robbing many people in the UK their freedom of movement, which is not fair. The UK should improve and have more of these free and pay facilities like other countries in France. A country without enough toilets results in the sick having to stop drinking water if they are planning to go out. It also means people going hungry in fear of lack of this important facility since they will not have facilities to ease themselves when nature calls. Many patients are willing to part with a few pounds as long as they can access hygienic public toilet.
Just like France and Germany the government of UK needs to get involved in providing this basic amenity in all major towns, transport centres and busy stations. There are also non-governmental organizations in the UK willing to improve and bring change by investing and providing adequate public toilets. It is therefore a statutory obligation to support the non-governmental initiatives and revive the public toilet initiative that has been neglected for years.
In the UK public toilets should be more in supply just like other countries in France. In France public toilets are many and of a wide variety, ranging from pay toilets where you can either pay the attendant or automated toilets where you just put your money in the coin slot and the door automatically opens. No need to worry even if you are broke because you can also access free toilets in France they are plenty and clean. Free toilets can be found in fast food restaurants, in the train, cafés and various places that are frequented by people. The great news is that with either pay toilets or free toilets in France sanitation is guaranteed.
With government involvement in providing toilets in plenty sanitation standards will be raised there will be no more streets saturated in human waste. Government involvement will mean more free toilets, a country free from communicable diseases. Therefore the government of UK need to put in place tough measures to those found contaminating the streets when free toilets are at the reach of every person. In conclusion public toilets whether free or pay toilets should all be clean fitted with a clean hand washing facility and with adequate tissue paper. The pertinent issue here has been are there enough public outdoor toilets in the UK or should there be more, like countries in France?
A survey conducted by a company known as Kimberly - Clark showed that over 89% of the respondents interviewed were for the opinion that the public toilet facilities available do not meet the basic hygienic standards required and were not adequate. This can however be altered and changed for the better.
Content derived from http://goarticles.com/article/Consumers-give-thumbs-down-to-public-toilets/3370115/

Let's have a look at some pictures from all over the world :-) A little bit of loo fun.
Some people like to combine toilets and food.......DIFFERENT !!

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Lee Wilson
11/29/2012 3:25am

Another major point here is that with more public conveniences people would be willing to travel by public transport, reducing congestion and increased employment to deal with the additional trains, buses etc required.
Lets face it, no one wants to be caught short.


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