The cleaning industry is varied. It ranges from commercial purposes such as industrial or domestic type of cleaning, to specific cleaning types such as crime scene cleaning to cleaning graffiti.
German Policies
It is estimated that about 850, 000 employees are currently working in Germany's cleaning industry. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs department which is a body in Germany fixed a minimum pay for these employees ranging from 7.87 to 6.36 Euros per hour in western Germany and Eastern Germany respectively. These rates were set up to force the emerging cleaning industries to better pay their workers.
UK policies

In the UK, Cleaning services account for the employment of about 820, 000 workers of which 72% are employed in small scale cleaning businesses which in total is worth about ten billion pounds. This figure gives you a perspective of how lucrative the cleaning industry can be. The cleaning policies in the European industry are enforced in matters regarding environmental protection.
Certain chemicals are prohibited or discouraged from use as they in turn affect other sectors of the economy. Such discouraged chemicals include substances that are not fully removed from the environment naturally after cleaning and food dyes that have no approval from governing bodies. Washing soaps that are environment friendly and which tend to be washed off by rain and cause no harm to living things are highly encouraged.

The best thing about this industry is the versatility of work, especially for those companies that have not specialized in their cleaning. Getting workers is not a problem as there is no prior knowledge or academic accreditation is required. It is a job that can be done by anyone.
Since most new employees have no previous experience, some companies integrate them as interns until they have mastered the basics. This is optional depending on what company you are working for but it is a policy across Europe that the employees be given contracts so as to maintain a healthy and legally binding relationship found in any working environment.
Some companies will only hire a cleaner with experience. There are schools that specialize in training cleaners which may then attach their students in these companies. This is especially useful in providing experience and giving some one a cutting edge when sourcing for employment in such companies that require some sort of experience for them to hire you.

In business, being outstanding and with a good reputation helps attract customers, hence this policy is well known in companies in the European cleaning industry. But as earlier stated it is not a pre-requisite.

Risks in health and safety in working environment should be covered through insurance of the employees. This is not optional and is a requirement in the starting and running of any cleaning business in the UK and Germany.

The cleaning industry is gradually on the decline in Germany, probably because of the introduction of the mandatory minimum wage that several Small-scale cleaning companies find hard to comply with due to limited monetary resources. This is certainly an area to consider if you have future prospects of starting a business and the capital to go with it.

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