The world is prone to changes, sometimes it happens for the good and sometimes it threatens by the micro-organisms which cannot be identified with naked eyes. A viral infection is one such that takes a few milliseconds to spread. On the other hand every country comes out with their own way of eradicating the virus from getting into full fledged spread. The cleaning industries have a big role to play, however with the unique intention behind every cleaning method.
The real effect of Norovirus:
What could be one of the worst conditions, other than having a disturbed stomach and vomiting? Norovirus is a special virus that targets at spreading the gastrointestinal infections at high rate. It has been in the news for creating sudden sickness for passengers on a cruise. The symptoms include

Nausea or vomiting
Slight Fever

Statistical look into Clinical Condition of Norovirus:
It has been found to get transmitted either by the utilization of faecal infected food or any kind of liquid diet or by environmental factors which is capable of getting accustomed to transmitting infectious organisms. Though the infection does not appear to be a life threatening one yet it causes some kind of obnoxious symptoms which might disturb even our routine domestic duties. It was reported that more than 10,000 people were affected by this virus in 2006, and the outbreaks increased every year and for the past three years from 2010 to 2012 the statistics show a common affectation of 50,000 people affected and among them more than 60% are hospitalized by the virus.
Cleaning Industry's Role:
Dealing with the norovirus in the UK and trying to avoid the spread through proper cleaning techniques several cleaning industries have come out with their own technology of cleaning and sanitising solutions, however with the norms and conditions designed by the government concerning the steps to be followed while eradicating the spread of norovirus.
Necessity to sanitise:
Keeping your place clean is the only way to reduce the spread of norovirus. The UK Government is very particular about implementing Colour Coding Cleaning Techniques in order to avoid the reverse reaction of cleaning agents or chemicals. Since the infectious reasons are through faecal oral route one can get infected through the drops from vomit and the possibilities of infection might begin from either of your organs like eyes, nose, mouth etc. Cleaning methods appear to work out less reactively hence there is always a considerable number of people getting infected every year.
Implementing the compulsory method of colour coding cleaning technique:
The notable colour coding for different cleaning areas are

Coding given for products used for cleaning different areas of cleaning
A Blue colour coding product can be used for low reaction areas
A green colour coding product can be used in places where food items are prepared and stored
A red colour coding product can be used for sanitary wares and wash rooms
A yellow colour coding product can be used only for the surface level cleaning in wash basins and washroom surfaces.

The limits behind usage of cleaning materials have to be indicated with the colour coding cleaning techniques which can enormously reduce the chance of cross infections and maintain the hygiene standard without the reverse reaction of the cleaning product with the surface.

Ray Iredale
12/18/2012 4:53am

It is a very good article and it is a great idea to color code the different areas for cleaning as pointed out.

01/15/2013 4:59am

Loved this article, very information - found it after I had written a 'norovirus prevention article' myself:


Contract cleaning plays a vital role in the spread of the infection and the colour-coding method of cleaning is something the cleaning staff at any business should be familiar with. If they're not, you've got a problem!


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