Cannon Hygiene was established back in the year 1985.The company provides a range of quality services designed to provide the desired support to most multinational businesses globally. The commitment of the team of professional staff has seen Cannon Hygiene prosper beyond imaginable heights and boundaries. This company forms part of OCS which is its sustainer in terms of proven expertise and resources.

For the OSC, it remains a great help in terms of facility management to many companies globally. Some of the daily services offered by OCS cleaning include; hygiene wash rooms, control of pests, window cleaning and maintenance, security and other related services, office cleaning among many others and hence presenting the company with an opportunity to concentrate on other crucial duties.

Of late, the companies have seen the success of significant turn over in their operations. Since the year 2006,OCS has featured growing operational cash flows hitting a 200% in that year from a very low percentage of 25% in the year 2007.Far from that, there has been reduction in debts from 2008 where the debts had reached almost climax to a manageable level of around 5 million pounds in 2012.

The sustainability of OCS' hygiene division, Cannon Hygiene has been greatly marketed by the indoor services offered to most companies such as cleaning of computer terminals, fax machines, telephones and other equipment. The amounts of profits attracted from such services has enabled a complete sustainability in form of salaries to emplyoyees,hiring and purchase of work tools, running of different branches of the company among many others.

Additionally, OCS cleaning and Cannon hygiene has led to the popping of rewards and benefits scheme that has attracted a number of goods and services to the staff at admittedly good discounts. The service by the esteemed team of staff has made the ISO 9001: 2008 certification by the company a dream come true.

All the responsibilities carried out by Cannon Hygiene are compliant with all regulation and legistration and therefore clients always feel they are in the best service.

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