Restaurant owners have to maintain attention not only to the food they offer but also to the cleanliness of their premises especially that of the restrooms. Whether mobile or otherwise,research shows that the cleanliness of the restrooms is paramount to customer experience and ultimately,the way they judge and regard the restaurant. Every restaurant owner should know that a customer will definitely be impressed with excellent toilet area hygiene more than anything else in the restaurant.

When a customer enters a restaurant they instantly start forming opinions and taking into consideration every detail about the premises even before they sit to eat. The restroom area has proved to be extremely important to the eyes of the customers. When they are not pleased with the cleanliness of the restroom,68% of them will not come back to the premises,this is according to surveys commissioned by SCA
and conducted online by Harris Interactive.

A negative impression created by the unhygienic condition of the rest rooms has been proven to be the highest cause of potential customer loss. This impression has a permanent horrible effect on the clients and once this happens, it irreversible. Some clients may chose not inform the management about such an issue,actually only 50% of them report it to the management the 50% opt to keep it to themselves but they all end up telling other people about it.

When the word of the horrible hygienic conditions of the premises is passed to at least to people by every unhappy patron then you are likely to end up losing more than 50 potential clients per day. With the stiff competition in the hotel industry and the fact that everyone is a critic,restaurant owners should regard the hygiene of the rest rooms with a lot of importance,ensuring it is always excellent to the satisfaction of the customers.

11/12/2012 7:01am

If a washroom has grafitti, no hand towels, dirty floor etc the washrooms will get no respect from the clientele.

If the washroom is decorated, new looking, has a new and working soap container, clean toilets, automated taps etc .... the job of keeping the washrooms clean will not be a monumental task.

11/12/2012 9:48pm

An excellent article Selen, none of us should under estimate the negative effect a dirty washroom can have on our business. Keep up the good work.


11/13/2012 10:25pm

Excellent article. We have all been there. Smart surroundings front of house then poor washroom facilities. Poor hygiene standards there often reflect on what happens in the food prep areas!!

11/14/2012 12:25am

There are many issues that affect toilet cleanliness that are currently not being addressed.
1. Flushing the toilet without the lid down will emit 20,000 viruses (a sneeze emits 3,000)
2. Electronic handdryers of all types significantly increase bacteria on palms & finger tips
3. The main reason toilets smell is that aerosolised viruses & bacteria from toilet flushes rise to the ceiling and ceilings are rarely cleaned.
4. Ventilation of toilets is completely the wrong way around, they are currently vented with airflow from the bottom and exiting in the upper room. When flushing with the lid down as many people do all this does is sprays you with faecal matter.

email me if you want the studies that prove the above facts.

09/22/2013 1:32pm


I am interested to know your sources of research and your study


Ann Barton
11/15/2012 1:08am

Inadequate toilet/washroom facilities is one of my pet hates. I make a point of asking to see the manager and telling them why I won't be returning because at least that way, they have an opportunity to know why they are losing business and do something about it!

11/16/2012 1:44am

For 25 years Loo of the Year Awards (LOYA) have provided restaurant operators and all other 'away from home' toilet providers with an independent assessment of their washroom provision. This is completed by experienced LOYA Inspectors who judge each toilet during an unannounced visit against 100 criteria including cleanliness, maintenance and management.
154 restaurant toilets have been inspected throughout the UK during 2012 including some National Award winners.


11/16/2012 3:58am

That hits the nail on the head and something that is a growing problem in our current economic climate where it seems that cleaning is cut before anything else, at SibleyClean we specialise in cleaning projects taking a problem and coming up with an affordable and effective solution to cleaning problems.
We now have a team their function to visit, deep clean and train the on site staff in the methods of daily maintenance required, so that is the solution that will work for all sizes of resurant lets see how many are interested and understand it is a fact that dirt is generated by customers but hygiene is expected in every area.

Donald Stavert
11/26/2012 2:13am

The cleanest restaurant and hotel and public toilets in the world are in Costa del Sol in Spain. I have no idea why but something must have happened in the past to effect such a change. Its everywhere almost no exceptions even the smallest and cheapest of establishments

11/26/2012 10:53am

Dirty restrooms are a cause of improper cleaning . There are 2-3 reasons restrooms are not maintaied.
1- Useing a pail and mop to clean floor is not an effective way to remove dirt, grime and grease. At best they are just moving the contaminates from one side of the floor to the other.
2. Not changeing out the water frequently is another.
3 Not using a split bucket to trap the dirty water when rinsing out the mop just puts the dirt back on the floor.
4 The only way to remove the contaminates of the floor is to use use the right cleaning solutions and rinse the floors with water pressure.

You can ask the expert on issues of cleaning tile and grout floors on face book at sdiamondtile or at diamondtileandgrout.com

12/27/2012 10:35am

No doubt that with the right cleaning solutions you may get the job done but, using the proper techniques as well as the correct dilution methods for each chemical and not canceling one out with the other can make more of a positive difference. Make sure you know what each chemical is for and what not to use immediately after. you may need one to air dry before applying another.

01/20/2015 8:34pm


I am interested to know your sources of research and your study


01/20/2015 11:55pm


Here's an interesting article citing dr gerba who has carried out a lot of research into this area

04/01/2015 7:22am

Great Post


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