With the rise of greater Eco-Friendly cleaning services across Mainland Europe and various legislations governing the operation of these companies; it is pertinent to have an overview of the happenings in the industry. Although, there are some peculiarities in the cleaning Industries in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Austria, I would briefly outline the goings on and the dynamic trends affecting the Cleaning Companies in Mainland Europe.
Development of the Cleaning Companies Market in Mainland Europe
Recent reviews show that a total of 61.9 Billion Euros is the total turnover obtained in 20 countries in Europe. A net increase of 13.9 percent was gotten while the EU-27 GDP growth stood roughly at about 0.9 percent. The growth in the Cleaning Industry in terms of Employment in the past 2 decades is roughly placed at 9.9 percent. An in-depth analysis of these results shows a movement from an Industrial economy to an economy that is service-based. This also must be taken in cognizance with other inter-locking outsourcing and ancillary services working in the Industry.
On a country by country market analysis, Germany remains the largest cleaning market in Europe. France, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain in terms of national markets remain the five largest. Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria also have appreciable markets which are doing well and bouncing into action despite the recession.
An Overview of the recent Market Trends and Market Penetration
An aggregate analysis has shown growth over the years and it is currently placed at 63.8 percent. This shows that an appreciable number of people still do their cleaning in-house representing 37 percent of the market. Economically speaking, this shows great potential in creating a positive employment index.
In the light of Market penetration, it is interesting to note that there has been varied results in various countries output. Some have done very well, others are doing fairly well while the third group are just ok. These groupings would throw up a lot of interest and I would do a little run down on each group.Netherlands and Austria fall into the first group. They have a penetration of 70 percent and above and this shows huge potential of the Cleaning Companies in this country.Germany and France fall into the second group because they are doing 55 percent or higher in terms of Market penetration.Denmark and Switzerland fall into the third group as their market penetration is below 55 percent.
An Overview of the Current number of Cleaning Companies in Mainland Europe
The total number of Cleaning Companies in Mainland Europe stand at 158,430 and this is quite phenomenal as it represents a 22.4 percent increase. It is important however to note that Germany witnessed the emergence of 7,570 companies in the period under review and this is due to the policy enacted in Germany which allowed them run a liberalized market. France and the Netherlands also had a strong upward surge in the number of Cleaning Companies operational in the country.
In the light of this discourse, it is of high importance to note that cleaning companies in Denmark, Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Austria are largely dominated by small companies. Over 70 percent of the Cleaning Companies in these countries have in their employment only about 10 persons on the average. However, growth of Companies that are middle-sized are also on the increase (Middle-sized companies are classified based on a staff strength of about 10 to 500 people). There are a fair number of large companies in the mix.
Germany, however, stands out from the pack. Over 7 percent of the Cleaning Companies in Germany employ above 500 people. About 19 percent have a staff strength ranging from 50 to 500 people, 5.8 percent have staff ranging from 10 to 50 people, while 68 percent of the operational cleaning companies have less than 10 people as their staff.
Austria has not witnessed much growth in the operational Cleaning Companies. Netherlands have a double increase in numbers in terms of operational cleaning companies, while France has an increase of about 30 percent.
The Employment generated by Cleaning Companies in Mainland Europe
About 4 million people are currently employed in the Cleaning Industry. Germany remains a major player as per the employments in its Cleaning Industry and they are closely followed by France. Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria also have a fair share in terms of employment generated.
The Work mode employed by Cleaning Companies in Mainland Europe
Over 70 percent of the workforce in the Cleaning Companies are Part-Time workers. Due to the high trend of Part-Time Staff in the industry, there is a relatively low work hour duration. The current Industry estimate stands at an average of 23 hours of work being carried out per week.
The Predominant Gender in the Cleaning Companies in Mainland Europe
Over 75 percent of the workforce in cleaning companies in Mainland Europe is dominated by Women. In recent times however, France witnessed a decline in numbers in terms of women working in the Cleaning Industry.
Key Factors affecting the Operations of Cleaning Companies in Mainland Europe
Most Countries that have been discussed above have stable legislations backing their operations. Although Germany is still working on streamlining the Minimum wage bracket for this industry, it is still on course in terms of its growing market size. Austria and Switzerland have very strict Environmental standards which has necessitated the growth of Environmental awareness and cleanliness in these countries. France has strengthened its position by having better pay scale slightly above what is obtainable in other markets in Europe.
With a close look at the various indices operative in Mainland Europe, the consciousness of the Green revolution and strict alignment to ensure safe environments, it must be noted that the growth currently being experienced is sustainable. The Service-based economy has come to stay and would remain so for sometime to come due to the recent shift in Market demands.
Conclusively, the cleaning companies in Mainland Europe are Energy Saving and this can be seen in the various National parameters operational in these countries. Besides the European Union policy statements on the Environment, the impact on the Environment and so much more, there is an increased awareness from the populace. It is safe to say that cleaning service companies in Mainland Europe are on a good pedestal.

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