The day of female leaders in the cleaning industry.....Women leaders in the cleaning industry. - For decades, the cleaning industry was dominated by men. Sure, there were plenty of female cleaners, but very few female executives. Family businesses, too, were almost invariably led by men and passed down to their sons.
Today, however, the numbers of female executives are increasing. Look at the
International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), the BIFM and the Cleaning Show and events, and not only will one see scores of women with “CEO” or “Owner” on their name badges,but networking forums set aside as well.
Indeed, the pressure is on all cleaners to provide more for less. And executive-level women have the added pressure of being family workhorse — chauffeur, cook, shopper and so on. As we know we just can't have it all and to be a successful leader in the cleaning industry comes with sacrifices that one has to make to be able to survive the pressure the industry brings.
There are only 168 hrs in each week, it doesn't matter if you are the Prime Minister or a cleaner, every week will have the same amount of hours.
Now take away the time you need to sleep each week, you will see there is not much time left. Now how will you split your hours and what are your priorities for the rest of the week? work? family? hobbies? charity work?
08/05/2013 5:11pm

The cleaning industry has been a vehicle for opportunity for many women. The pressure on the personal life of a woman business owner is substantial but as long as there is a priority on life balance, although difficult it is possible. Thank you for a thoughtful article!


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